Index Card Match to Increase Student Activity in Elementary School

  • Isna Rahmawati PGSD Universitas Widya Dharma Klaten
Keywords: Index Card Match, Student Activeness, Elementary School Students


This study aimed to improve students' activeness by using Index Card Match for grade
5 in Social Studies lesson of SDN 4 Barenglor. The active learning strategy of Index
Card Match type is a strategy of repetition (review) of the material, so the students can
recall the material they have learned. This research was a classroom action research
with a cycle model from Kemmis & Taggart. This research taken two cycles, that was
cycle I and cycle II. The data obtained are presented in the table, and analyzed with
descriptive qualitative method. The results showed that the application of Index Card
Match in in Social Studies learning can improve students' activity for Grade 5 of SDN
4 Barenglor. Student activeness were increasing from cycle to cycle. Percentage of
students' activity before the action is only 18.75% and it increased into 45.87% in
cycle 1. In cycle 2 there was an increase of 76.39% of students participate actively in
learning activities. In addition to student activeness, student learning outcomes were
also increased. In the first cycle Social Studies learning with Index Card Match had
the average value of student learning outcomes of pre-cycle amounted to 73.23% with
the percentage of learning completeness only amounted to 47.94%. It increased to
78.17 with student completeness reaching 62.52%. In cycle 2, the average value of
student learning increased into 81.63 and students' learning completeness reaches


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